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Apr 22, 2013

Bumpy Road

Those of you who have already been at the resort have seen that the road to Marina & Resort Waterland is a little less bumpy since December last year. But we aren’t there yet.  The road is being used by heavy trucks, which is why building a new road requires parties… [ more ]

Apr 16, 2013

Seafarer science

Today we received an interesting email from Richard Kirby,  a UK plankton scientist and the leader of a new free Citizen Science project for sailors –  asking us to display their poster to publicise the project among sailors. The success of the project depends entirely upon awareness among sailors around the… [ more ]

Feb 18, 2013

It’s getting better each day

We have almost managed to cover all of the fingerpiers in the marina, constructed of aluminium with wood.  Internet has been working great over the last 3 weeks, and we have started the preparations for the pavement. It’s getting better each day.

Dec 18, 2012


In 2012 Marina & Resort Waterland welcomed her first guests. We’d informed our guests about the fact we are not quite finished with thetropical garden (a garden is never really finished though), the marina, the road to Waterland, … and the struggle for having an internet connection, which has been very spotty and eventually entirely absent over the last weeks, just when we needed it most…. [ more ]